Sinan Sarpça

Recent Articles

Effects of High-Achieving Peers: Findings from a National High School Assignment System

with Ahmet Alkan

CESifo wp10794 


Competition in Higher Education

with Michael Kaganovich and Xuejuan Su

in Brian McCall, Ed., The Routledge Handbook of the Economics of Education (2022)


Market Power and Price Discrimination in the U.S. Market for Higher Education

with Dennis Epple, Richard Romano, Holger Sieg, and Melanie Zaber

RAND Journal of Economics, vol 50, no 1 (Spring 2019), pp. 201–225 


Majority Choice of Income Targeted Educational Vouchers

with Dennis Epple and Richard Romano

American Economic Journal: Microeconomics, vol 10, no 4 (Nov., 2018), 289-325, OnlineAppendix


A General Equilibrium Analysis of State and Private Colleges and Access to Higher Education in the U.S.

with Dennis Epple, Richard Romano, and Holger Sieg

Journal of Public Economics, vol 155, (Nov., 2017), 164-178, OnlineAppendix

Articles in Refereed Journals


Profiling in Bargaining over College Tuition

with Dennis Epple, Richard Romano, and Holger Sieg

Economic Journal, v116, 515, (Nov., 2006), pp. 459-479


Multi-dimensional Skills, Specialization, and Oligopolistic Competition in Higher Education

Journal of Public Economics, vol 94, Nos. 9-10, (Oct., 2010), 800-811


Private Schools and Residential Choices: Accessibility, Mobility, and Welfare

with Eric Hanushek and Kuzey Yilmaz

The B.E. Journal of Economic Analysis & Policy, vol. 11, issue 1 (Contributions, 2011), 44


An Exploration in School Formation: Income vs. Ability

with Ahmet Alkan and Nejat Anbarci

Economics Letters, vol 117, issue 2, (Nov., 2012), pp. 500-504


Public Housing Units vs. Housing Vouchers: Accessibility, Local Public Goods, and Welfare

with Charles Leung and Kuzey Yilmaz

Journal of Housing Economics, vol 21, issue 4 (Dec., 2012), pp 310-321


Commercialization of University Research and the Career Choices of Science and Engineering Doctoral Students

with Sencer Ecer and Youxin Huang

Economics Bulletin, vol 34, issue 2 (2014) pp 850-855


The Relationship between Nonprofits' Revenue Composition and Their Economic-Financial Efficiency

with Sencer Ecer and Mark Magro

Nonprofit and Voluntary Sector Quarterly, vol. 46, issue 1 (Feb., 2017), 141-155